On Page SEO Tricks

Some good on page SEO


One of the first things you should consider when optimizing your blog site on the internet is the on page SEO. Or the optimizing the content on the page in a way that makes it favorable for search engines to find. That is what you want right? People to find your blog. Ok great! Well this post will give you simple tricks on how to optimize your blog site for search engines. Let’s get people to your blog!

The first and most important aspect is the url . The url should contain your main keyword. The most important keyword that you really want people to look for or maybe the main keyword/small phrase that best describes what your page is about. Think about it for a second. When people are searching for a term or phrase and they see it in the url, it most likely means that the website is most relevant to what they are looking for. Make sense?


The second most important detail of optimizing your blog is the title of your page. The title should be a short phrase that is longer than the url in word count but not too stuffed with keywords. It should look natural and tell the reader what the article is about. No magic here.

Is content King? Well I don’t think it is the make it or break it of a blog. But, you need good and unique content. You really do need both of those elements though. The content engages the reader and keeps them there. You don’t want high bounce rates from poor written or boring content. That is bad SEO. We want nice SEO.

Put pictures and videos on your page!

Nobody likes to stare at a blank page with 1500 words on it. People want to be entertained and get an idea of what your page is about at a glance. Then they will read it. I hope this has been a good guide for you. This should be your start point before you build your pages to begin with. Search engine optimization is all about relevancy. How relevant is the page you want people to see given the information in the url, title, and content? Just keep that in mind when you are building your blog.