Social Signals for SEO

Today when you are try to rank a website it is more important than ever to get Social Signals pointing to your website. What are social signals? Social signals are links or shares that are having to do with your website. From a search engine’s perspective a website with social signals has activity going on with it. So, that means in addition to getting web traffic it has traffic on social platforms. If a website is social it is probably more relevant that other websites that are in the same niche. As a result they are awarded better rankings in the search engines. This should make sense to you too. If one website has a lot of social activity going on with it and nine other websites do not. Shouldn’t the website show up higher in the search engines? Well, wether you think so or not that is the world we live in today. The digital world that is..



So how do you get these social signal?


You can get social signals by posting blog comments on popular blog networks such as The big social networks are Facebook and Twitter. You’ve heard before and you will hear it again. Content is King! This is how you can go viral and really improve your SEO. That is why social signals are so important. That is also why you should be implementing them into your strategy. Who knows. Maybe one of your posts will go viral and hit the digital jackpot. You’ll never know until you get to blogging and posting interesting things online. Give it a try! Go to Las Vegas SEO for more help.


Author: onpageseoweb

I love SEO and have been doing it for 5 years now. I am hoping to give back some of the knowledge I have to help others out.

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