A Quick SEO Tip

If you want an easy to use and quick simple trick to increase your SEO. Keep Reading.


Everybody wants more traffic to their site. Whether it is a blog, ecommerce, or regular web page. Traffic is the holygrail. Without it you are dead. So, how can you increase the traffic to your site? Well, there are a plethora of ways. But, this quick and easy to use trick is by far the way to go.


SEO Strategy


Correct Inner Page Linking


Yes that is correct. Inner link your pages together. Depending on how big your site is and how many keywords you want to be ranked for. You should be inner linking your website with the main keywords. The main keywords are what you most want to rank for. Linking to your page from another page with that keyword is still a link. It still counts! Plus, it is something you can control too versus when someone else sends a link to your site. Here is an example. Nouvo Marketing’s main site is www.nouvomarketing.com. One of their areas they serve is Utah. So, they want to rank for Utah SEO for their Utah SEO page www.nouvomarketing.com/utah-seo-company/. If you look at their main page they have a link with anchor text of Utah SEO go to their inner page. That’s it! Simple right? I know you can do that.


Author: onpageseoweb

I love SEO and have been doing it for 5 years now. I am hoping to give back some of the knowledge I have to help others out.

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